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We’re pleased to announce Erbology as the recipient of the 2017 Nutrition Greenhouse final €100,000 award! Founded by Irina and Victor Turcan, Erbology worked closely with their PepsiCo mentor to achieve outstanding results. Congratulations to Irina and Victor and to all the participants in the inaugural PepsiCo Nutrition Greenhouse. It has been a great experience that has enabled everyone involved to grow. Please check back here for more Nutrition Greenhouse news in 2018.

DIVINGMAR - Malaga, Spain

Flavour-enhancing proteins rich in amino acids made from kombu, a variety of edible seaweed.

Erbology - London, UK

Organic plant-based foods and drinks, powders and oils made free from chemicals and additives and produced in partnership with independent farmers.

Frecious - Geneva, Switzerland

Ready-to-eat, sustainably made and conveniently packed fruit and vegetable products to accompany bread or crackers, use in salads or as a fresh condiment for grains, eggs, fish, and meats.

Fit Kitchen - London, UK

High-protein, fibre-rich microwavable ready prepared meals designed by nutritionists to deliver meal options that are low in carbohydrates and under 300 calories.

JIMINI'S - Montreuil, France

Nutrition packed snacks made from edible insects that are farmed in Europe to ensure quality and traceability as well as reduced environmental impact.

TAPPED Birch Water made from the rejuvenating liquid that flows inside birch trees. Tapping into centuries-old Nordic traditions, this product is full of nutrients, minerals and a natural source of the antioxidant manganese.

No Fairytales - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tortilla wraps with a difference – made from carrots and beets. Containing 45% vegetables and a high source of fibre with fewer kcals.

Your Superfoods - Berlin, Germany

Superfood mixes that add a nutritious boost to smoothies, juices, yogurt, muesli and snacks. Packed with the most powerful, nutrient-dense whole foods from around the world for more energy, immunity, antioxidants and protein.

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Creating entrepreneurial connections to nurture innovation and growth


To identify and nurture breakthrough nutrition food and beverage brands for European consumers.


We’re looking for emerging brands that are focused on delivering convenient, great tasting nutrition products to consumers. Our areas of interest are:

  • Consumer Nutrition
  • Human Performance
  • Condition Specific Functionality
  • Vitality and Healthy Lifestyles


Consumers all over the world should have access to convenient, great tasting nutritious products. It will take collaboration to make this happen. We want smaller innovative companies to see PepsiCo as a partner to help them scale their business.


Up to eight companies will receive €25,000 and entry into a 6-month incubator programme designed to accelerate the next generation of nutrition brands.

how it works

who should apply

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Does your business offer a nutritious alternative that supports a healthy lifestyle?

Do you currently have sales of less than €2 million in annual revenue?

Is your brand available in the market today?

Do you currently operate within the European marketplace, including Western and Eastern Europe?